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PrixD'Amour LogoPrix D'Amour
The New Musical by Paul Dion
based on the book, Rose, by Robert Wainwright published by Allen & Unwin.

Performance dates announced

Call for auditions

The premiere of Prix D'Amour (the Price of Love) will take place in the NSW south coast town of Merimbula
after award-winning theatre group, Spectrum decided to make Prix D'Amour their next show.

The season will run from Friday, July 30 to Saturday, August 14, 2010.It will be directed by Elaine Waddell.
More information is available at the Spectrum website.

Lang Hancock will be played by Geoff Carswell (left)
Rose Hancock will be played by Jennifer Hughes (centre)
Willie Porteous, will be played by Tom Oriti (right)
Photo by Steve Gordon


The season will run from Friday, July 30 to Saturday, August 14, 2010.

Rehearsals start March 2010. It will be directed by Elaine Waddell.
More information is available at the Spectrum website.



The story of Prix D'Amour

Escaping the poverty of Manila, Filippino Rose arrives in Perth, Western Australia on a three month visitor's visa and lands herself a job as a housekeeper for one of Australia's wealthiest men, newly widowed and ageing mining magnate, Lang Hancock.>

Their subsequent marriage creates friction and his lavish spending on her threatens the business.

The roller coaster ride from poverty to money, property and a colourful lifestyle eventually lands everyone in court.

Excitement is already building over what will be a must-see show full of laughter, tears, singing and dancing. Based on a real-life Australian story it covers the universal themes of love, loss, greed and jealousy.

Listen to a track from Prix D'Amour NOW!!

Previous press about Prix D'Amour

The Canberra Times

Article by Megan Doherty

Rose Still on the Rise
... When the opening night of his musical about Rose Porteous does finally come, Jindabyne based composer Paul Dion hopes the woman herself will be there, larger than life, more colourful than ever, drawing everyone’s attention to herself.

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Article by Neale Prior

Prix D’Amour, WA-born composer Paul Dion’s stage musical about the stranger-than-fiction life story of Perth socialite Rose Porteous, has taken another step forward with the release of a demo version of one of its show-stopping tunes.

The yearning torch song, Where in the World is Love?, is performed by accomplished British jazz singer Sheena Davis...

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WA Today
...Musician Paul Dion has written a musical he compares in size to My Fair Lady. Mr Dion, who is currently sourcing financial backing, has got leading Australian director Graeme Murphy on board as director and choreographer.

"It's been an interesting life so far," Mr Dion said of Mrs Porteous.

"I don't know anyone else who has been through the mill like she has and come out smiling at the other end.

"She's had a fabulously interesting rollercoaster ride of a life."

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...A Musical Based On The Life Of Rose Porteous? Brilliant!

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Greame and Paul perusing the script!
Greame Murphy and Paul Dion perusing the script.

The West Australian
Article by Stephen Bevis, Edited by Neale Priorr

Keating, Shane and now Rose
...WA-born composer Paul Dion has been writing the musical Prix D' Amour for the past two years about the stranger-than-fiction story of the Manila bar girl who moved to Perth and married a multi-millionaire.

...Allen and Unwin publisher Richard Walsh, a former Sydney Theatre Company board member, talked up Dion's musical, saying nothing like it had ever come out of this country. "This is full-blooded musical theatre at its most outrageous and extravagant with a great range of moods from the soulful and romantic to the big ensemble pieces and the burlesque"

... "This is a work that ignites both my theatrical and choreographic interest - a director's dream" said (Greame) Murphy..

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PerthNow -powered by Sunday Times
...Prix D'Amour sounds like it's set to be a hoot!

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The Sydney Morning Herald

Triumphs: Mountain Music

"...But Australia's peak region, so to speak, has one thing that's a little different - its own song, believed to be a first.
........The Snowy Anthem, which is already being sung in local school assemblies, will be launched with gusto tomorrow by a choir of 50 schoolchildren, 30 adults and 10 musicians from around the shire. It's a musical tribute by local musician Paul Dion, who composed and orchestrated the song as a musical montage of the unique geography, romantic history and multicultural success of the area... " Read More

The Snowy Centenary Choir

Picture: The Snowy Centenary Choir with composer of "The Snowy Anthem" Paul Dion and Mayor Richard Wallace (far right) at
the official launching of the anthem during the Centenary Celebrations of the Snowy River Shire at Berridale December 2nd 2006. 

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