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Hear one of the songs to be included in Paul Dion's new musical Prix D'Amour

“Where in the World is Love”*

Sung by Sheena Davis as 'Rose'


From Paul Dion's Record (released 1983)
"Sleazy Dinner Music"

“The Loafer” *
(Also featuring Mark Isaacs (piano),
Dave Ellis (bass), Doug Gallacher (drums))

“Mr. Blues Man” *
(Also featuring George Golla (guitar), Dave Ellis (bass), Doug Gallacher (drums), Mark Isaacs(electric piano))

“The Loneliest Monk” *
(Also featuring Mark Isaacs (piano),
Dave Ellis (bass), Doug Gallacher)



From Paul Dion's New CD
"Totally Laid Back Sax"

“My Heart Will Go On”
"Love Letters"

Other various samples:

“The Golden Wedding.”
"Tin Roof Blues"
(Both songs performed on National TV at age 16)

Classical Vocal:
“O Sole Mio”
"Nessun Dorma”


* Titles marked with an asterisk are original compositions by
Paul Dion and are subject to copyright laws. Permission is required
from Paul Dion for any use including reproduction or performance.
All compositions are registered with the Australasian Performing
Rights Association Limited. (APRA)